Saturday, August 11, 2012

(copy) Qubee…use without paying

Use internet for free or without paying bill by hacking Qubee. Both postpaid & prepaid users can use it. Though sometimes problem arise in internet browsing but no problem in video downloading, it’s awesome there. Now you can do it too. In this way you will get minimum 512 kbps & highest ½ mbps. It depends on your RSSI & CINR Strength.

At first download the file from here. you will need it later.

Instructions for prepaid users:

Please reserve your username & password before doing following things.

  • By USB modem:

If you have USB modem, then go to modem option & type Username: ও Password: prepaid & click on “connect” button. Now, if you open a browser to go any website there will appear a page for paying bill instead of that website.

  • By large Gigaset modem:

If you have large Gigaset modem, then open any browser & go to this address- click on “OK”. After that, click on “Advanced Settings” & then click on “Wimax Configuration”.  Next, type Username: ও Password: prepaid & click on “OK” button. Now, click on- “Administration” & then click on “restart”. Every time wait for 2minutes after pressing “OK” to restart & connect your modem.  And now if you open any browser to go any website a bill paying page will appear instead of that website.

  • process:

Now extract the downloaded file. Right-click on “Qubee Hack” and click on “Run As Administrator” option then press on “Continue” or “Yes”. Now you can see a red icon down of your right side, “Double-click” it & press on “unblock” then press “Yes”.  Then a window will appear. You can understand if connecting by reading that window. You have nothing to do more now before the window goes below automatically. It means you have “connected” already. Now open your browser or “torrent” and start browsing on internet or downloading anything you want.

Instruction for postpaid users:

The process is slide different here. Don’t pay bill next month. You will be disconnected between 10-15 days. That time if you go to any website a bill paying page will appear. Now, follow the process given for prepaid users and stop paying bill anymore. Qubee use captive firewall to show you billing page. For doing that they have to open port 53 of udp protocol. And I am taking everything through internet traffic udp 53 that’s why you are getting internet. Simple! There is more software to do it but most of them need your own server.

Those are- iodine, dns2tcp, udptunnel, pd-proxy &



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